THE HOST OF ANGELS EXPERIENCE is a breathtakingly beautiful exhibition depicting Angels from almost 2000 years of Christian art researched from the world’s most loved paintings, books, mosaics and frescoes. Artists such as Giotto, Fra Angelico, Raphael, Botticelli, Blake, El Greco, Tiepolo, Leonardo da Vinci and many more, have yielded an enormous variety of artistic styles and techniques that are faithfully re-created in the artworks and installations by Roger Heaton, filling the ancient village church of St. Peter's in Lenton, Lincolnshire.

Parties of 8 or more are welcome by appointment
Wheelchair friendly. Refreshments available. Ample off-road parking.

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telephone Liz or Roger Heaton on 01476 585467 or email:


Some of the 136 Angels on display

View of the Nave, looking west from the Chancel

Angel playing kettledrums

from the Sforza Book of Hours.

View of the Chancel Arch from the Nave.

From a mosaic in the Martorana, Palermo, Italy

Angels from a 15th century Religious Treatise

View over thePulpit.





From Mystic Nativity by Sandro Botticelli

The HOST OF ANGELS journey

The HOST OF ANGELS EXPERIENCE was originally designed to celebrate the beginning of the third Millennium of Christianity and was created by Liz and Roger Heaton of Lenton in Lincolnshire. Their vision of filling the Church with a hundred Angel artworks really caught the imagination of the villagers and over the next two years everyone was busy helping to create the display, fund-raising and preparing the Church for the anticipated visitors.

The Angels were first seen at a candlelit Compline Service on New Year's Eve 1999, which proved to be a truly memorable beginning to the new Millennium
The Exhibition was officially opened at Easter, 2000 by Rt. Revd. Robert Hardy, M.A., Lord Bishop of Lincoln and proved so popular that it ran until September 2001.

St. Mary's Church, Woodnewton from the south west

Interior of St. Mary's, looking from the Nave towards the Altar





Many of the visitors expressed an interest in the future of the display and eventually it was arranged that the Angels should go on to St. Mary's Church, Woodnewton, in the county of Northamptonshire.The Exhibition commenced on Advent Sunday, December 2001 and was officially opened by the Rt. Revd. Ian P.M. Cundy, M.A., Lord Bishop of Peterborough. It was enjoyed by many visitors and stayed until the end of September, 2003.





A visitor to the Host of Angels Experience in Woodnewton came from Earls Croome in Worcestershire. He was so impressed with the idea of the Angels that he persuaded his Church Council to book the Exhibition for their Church of St. Nicholas.
After the Exhibition had closed in St. Mary's Church, Woodnewton, the Angels spent the months of October 2003 through to March 2004 at Roger Heaton's Studio and Gallery in Lenton, being repaired and refurbished. Several new ones were constructed especially for St. Nicholas' Church and the actual number of Angels had risen to well over 100.
The Exhibition was officially opened by the Rt. Revd. Dr. Peter Selby, the Bishop of Worcester and ran until the end of September 2005.

St. Nicholas' Church, Earls Croome, Worcestershire from the south west

Interior of St. Nicholas',

showing west view of the Nave and Balcony from the Chancel

St. Nicholas' Church, Tuxford, Nottinghamshire from the south

Interior of St. Nicholas' showing the Chancel Arch and Rood Screen






The next stage in the tour of the Angels was to the Church of St. Nicholas, in the ancient, little market town of Tuxford in Nottinghamshire. Here, they were displayed from Easter 2006 until January 2007.







Over the course of the next three and a half years the Angels were put into storage again, whilst further research was undertaken to enable the production of new and more intriguing installations.







The HOST OF ANGELS EXPERIENCE is now on permanent display in St. Peter's Church, Lenton, Lincolnshire.